Trend Demo Introduction

This is the demo website for the GD Rating System Pro plugin for WordPress. The plugin is developed by Dev4Press, and a license for the Pro version is available to purchase on the official plugin homepage. With the Pro license, you get access to several extra free addons and graphics packs, and you can also purchase premium addons and graphics packs to get more complex features: multi ratings, user reviews…

About the Demo

This demo shows the rating thumbs integration for a layout similar to StackOverflow and Reddit.

Rating plugin and addons used

This demo uses only the GD Rating System Pro plugin and no addons are needed.

Rating Method

This demo uses only the Thumbs Rating method to implement a simple vote based ordered list of products (it can be anything really) and Thumbs Rating for rating comments (comments are also listed by rating). The website uses rating rules to setup thumbs differently for products and comments (different theme, styling), built-in the ordering of products by thumbs, and all other rating methods are disabled.

Demo Plugin

This demo has a plugin behind the scene to implement various custom things:

  • Registration of the product post type.
  • Custom-built font with only two icons to use for arrows. Includes font with styling and font registration class.
  • Two thumbs styling themes (one for products and one for comments). Themes are similar, but the theme of the comments is displayed as horizontal. Themes styling is in the file with the font styling.
  • Custom made render class for thumbs that are extended from the default class to change how the thumbs block is rendered. This way, we can completely change all sorts of things. And, in this case rendering is changed to include overall rating between thumbs and few more minor changes. Both methods for font and image rendering are changed.
  • The custom template is added with minimal content (thumbs block only), but with the instance of the new render object, we created previously.
  • JavaScript code that hooks into rating code just after the thumbs rating is saved, and simply changes the class of the article (background color) only for the product archives.

Demo Child Theme

The demo has a custom-built child theme on top of the First theme. There are some visual changes to fit with all other themes. As for the changes related to this demo:

  • New archive and single templates for the product post type, loading custom content files (one file for archive, and other for a single with slightly different layout).
  • Manual integration of rating blocks into the content templates.
  • Comment template is modified to include the ordering of the comments by rating.